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If we are unable to locate the number there is no charge. We have a 99% success rate in locating the number, so if you need the info for any legal reason we can find it. 

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Social Security Numbers-Find Anyones Number

Do you have a legal case in which you need to locate someone's Social Security Number? We can locate that hard to obtain info for any legal matter. The search is only available to law firms, attorneys and any Business who need the info for legal purposes. This search is not available to the general public. All Searches are Strictly Confidential


Social Security Number Locate -No Find No Fee
Supply name and address and we can locate the person or persons social security number. Info required is name and address and or date of birth. All searches are 100% accurate and we offer a NO FIND NO FEE if we are unable to locate the info. Credit Card orders are processed offline and will not be billed until we complete the info request. Price: $75 Results in 24 Hours No Charge if Number is not located

This search is only available to Law Firms, Attorneys and any Business with legal documentation for the need. Once ordered please fax on company letter head info concerning the case, parties names and court location. This info is need as documentation for legal purposes.  Fax to 586-228-4735   Be sure to bookmark this page as its not available by any links on web site. Bookmark Site

  Experience Matters  With over 30 years experience we have been there and done that a thousands of times. So if you want it done right the first time, with accurate results, we have the experience and knowledge to obtain the info you need.


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